Safeguard Consulting

About Our Team

  • Jean Meadows

    Entrepreneur, Jean Meadows is the Founder and CEO of Safeguard Consulting LLC. She also Founded US Developers Investment Group, eLoanDealer, eWebDealer, CyberAgent, and Computer Assistance. She has written 4 books that are industry courseware specific.  Jean has been Nationally Published 9 times, Keynote Speaker for 6 years, Chaired for SCCAOR's Business and Technology Committee, and was the COO for World Wide Petroleum.  She has trained and coached over 36,000 professionals and has held positions with several companies to help them increase productivity and developed key operations.
  • Leadership Teams

    Safeguard has established extensive relationships with US Manufacturers and Exporters to open US Trade Lines. We have also built funding programs to help offset the US Business Banking shortcomings through structured International Trade Finance and Contract Support Services.  Jean has put Safeguard on the map by working with Supply Channel Partners, Bridge Sellers, Trade Finance Banks, Export and Transport Companies as well as Project and Program Managers for Projects around the entire World.  Safeguard has several main divisions of our company and each of these divisions have a Leadership Members.  Our main teams consist of Refinery Compliance, Project Logistics, Project Management, Trade Contract Support, Training, Banking, Asset Structuring, Risk Assessment and Support Services.   
  • Strategic Network Partners

    Anyone can talk a good game.  Safeguard has created a Winning Team through building strategic alliances to help deploy and implement projects around the World.  By taping into the top level engineering groups and utilizing highly skilled and trained professionals, we are able to build everything from a small community to entire country with ease.   Safeguard's Partners include VVG and CTG and more which combined gives Safeguard access to everyone from the US Army Corp of Engineers to the top Project Developers the top in the World.  These alliances give Safeguard the ability to identify needs of the client and quickly establish a funding and implementation program that is conducive for success.