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Empowerment Partners

Each country that Safeguard works with to do projects in is Partnered up with an Empowerment Partner.  These Empowerment Programs are the foundation of our focus for Social and Economic Development at a grass roots level.  Our Empowerment Partners focus on helping with Clinic Build-Outs, Schools, Orphanages, and Community Impact Programs for long term sustainability. As each Cash Flow project is built, the Empowerment Program for the area shares in this revenue stream to create perpetual funding for long term success.  Cash Flow Projects include, but are not limited to, profit sharing for Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Commodity Trade Contracts and Project Funding Programs.  These Programs minimize the drain on government capital needs, while maximizing long term Social Impact.  The Medallion, Miracles, The Kennedy Club, Bridge 2 Dreams, Next Generation, Veterans Legacy, are just a few of our Empowerment Partners.  If you would like to find out more about our programs and would like to participate, please contact us.


Community Impact

Safeguard focuses on Community Impact Programs and Projects that help by increasing US Exports and Production and Job Generation for the US and the Project Countries. All of Safeguard's programs are able to work with Hedge Funds, Trusts, Foundations and Programs that are already working and just need a little helping hand. So we roll up our sleeves to dig in and help Governments and Non Government Organizations with projects to create perpetual funding.  We give specific attention will be on projects that focus on Job Creation, Women Empowerment, Teen Support, Affordable Housing, and US Veterans to name just a few.