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Jean Meadows, the CEO and Founder of Safeguard, would like to thank the countless clients that have worked with her group through strategic partnerships and relationships.  These esteemed companies are part of Safeguard's direct and indirect Network, Vendors, Clients and/or Project Partners.


Anyone can talk a good game.  Safeguard has created a Winning Team through building strategic alliances to help deploy and implement projects around the World.  By taping into the top level engineering groups and utilizing highly skilled and trained professionals, we are able to build everything from a small community to entire country with ease.   Safeguard's Implementation Partners include VVG and CTG which combined gives Safeguard access to the top engineers from the top in the World.  These alliances give Safeguard the ability to identify needs of the client and quickly establish a funding and implementation program that is conducive for success.


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