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    • 2013 January

      Safeguard's Implementation Program Gets $100B in Capital Backing

      Safeguard's Implementation Program was approved for $100B in Capital Backing for doing Projects for the US and around the World that focus on Job Generation, Education, and Empowerment.  Safeguard has secured this funding channel to help with implementation of projects that are being structured with Strategic Alliances such as CMPI.  The group with CMPI has identified over $14B in projects that will generate over 50,000 permanent jobs for the State of Mississippi.  Jean Meadows assigned CIS/VVG for the implementation of Community Development, Schools and Veterans focused projects that CMPI has accumulated throughout Mississippi.   
    • "Our focus is to help people get back to work and as soon as possible!" Jean said.  It is clear that her patriotism, loyalty and dedication are the main driving force behind her.  This explains why she has such a powerful team of mentors, network resources and support around her that include CMPI, CIS, VVG, CTG, GTF, Dominion, Republic, NAM, Africa Rich, Happy Hands, Africa Investment, Face of Hope, The Freedom Project, and more.
    • Safeguard has holdings in several of the key members of their network and makes their money through cash flow shares.  The key thing is that Safeguard doesn't handle money for the projects.  The Trusts and Foundations have created an accounting structure that works with Safeguard and CMPICMPI has put into place a system that allows for projects to be funded and monitored to ensure that funds are not improperly used.  The implementation teams provide oversight and assist countries in establishing American Standards and Practices in order to reduce poverty and misuse of resources and funds..
    • 2013 February

      Safeguard Joint Venture for Humanity!

      It is no secret that Safeguard supports Veterans Programs and Projects related to Women and Children.  Recently Safeguard signed several Teaming Agreements and Joint Ventured with several teams that have the same focus as Jean Meadows and her team.  The Next Generation Project is to help build Self Reliant Modules for Communities that will create cash flow and sustainability while improving quality of life and reducing poverty.  Through the use of the Gold Backed Guarantee Funding Programs and the Medallion Program, Safeguard and Joint Venture Partners will generate perpetual cash flow to create a Generational System to perpetual fund this core team's focus on Humanity, Veterans, Woman and Children programs. 

    • 2013 March

      Kingdom Financial Services and Solutions is Born!

      Safeguard has created a funding system to help community development and Empowerment Partners with their own Hallmarked Gold for the Kingdom Financial Services and Solutions Group, which is a new division of Safeguard and headed up by Ms. Diana Ireland Shepard and Cindy Atkins.  Diana Ireland Shepard is one of God's Warriors and has been gifted with a project in Brazil to help Reduce Poverty, Generate Jobs and Empower her group of God's Troupes to carry the message of God to Brazil.  Safeguard was asked to create and structure the Gold Backed Funding Program along with the Bullion Mark for their Bullion Program.  Jean Meadows is the designer of it. 

    • 2013 April

      Strategic Partners are Making Major Improvement

      Through out Africa, Safeguard has been working with several teams of what Jean Meadows calls "Empowerment Partners".  These strategic "Grassroots" Teams are working closely with Jean to accumulate much needed information to assist the Safeguard Implementation and Oversight Teams in creating Action Plans and Project Plans for projects.  Some of the projects do a cash flow share for Poverty Reduction, Empowerment and Job Generation.  Safeguard has taken a simple approach to these obstacles and issues, by focusing their efforts on helping Veteran Based companies and Church Groups work together to structure projects to help people around the world tap into the vast amount of resources that the United States has to offer.  Jean stands fast to prove that American Engineers are still the best in the world and is quick to back up her claims with the best Engineering Partners at her disposal and with Safeguard.

    • 2013 May

      Asset Funding Programs

      Safeguard has been working closely with a few groups to establish Asset Backed Funding Programs for In-Ground Assets, Rough and Polished Stones, Vaulted Assets and Bank Assets.  Each project and or transaction is managed on a case by case basis.  Safeguard will do the evaluation and brief for submission to one of three main funding options.  These funding options include a Private Trust Project Funding Program, Asset Backed Credit Facility Funding Program and or Credit Line Monetization.  Each project is reviewed for risk, cash flow, current value, asset verification, desk review valuations, documentation verification, take off contracts, bank assets, site inspections and more.  Once the review process is done, Safeguard will draft a brief overview which outlines what the options are for the specific project and asset type.  After the brief is reviewed the next step is for the Project Owner to choose an option or Funding Channel Program to move forward with.